71 DXC MOT Test 12th September 2013

First MOT in 40 years

The Saint Volvo P1800 71 DXC

71 DXC aka ST 1 the 'Original' TV Saint Car goes for first MOT in over 40 years!

It has been a long time in the making but today 71 DXC went for its first MOT in over 40 years and passed with flying colours!.

Stuart Tomkins of the Ford Main Dealership - St James's Garage, Bridgnorth, Shropshire was the MOT Tester.

Having completed the test Stuart remarked how impressed he was with the quality of the workmanship and presentation of the car.

Many thanks to all those who have helped in anyway to bring life back to a very special car - The 'Original' Saint Car is now very much back on the road.

Road Tax from DVLA in Worcester today so 71 DXC is finally legally on the road.

Click on and read the complete timeline from 'as found' to back on the road for more adventures.   

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St James's Garage Bridgnorth St James's Garage Bridgnorth MOT Tester Suart TomkinsMOT Tester Suart Tomkins on the rampon the ramp 71 DXC under test71 DXC under test Stuart checks undersideStuart checks underside