ST1 in Ludlow

The Saint Volvo P1800 71 DXC

Just to let you know ST 1's participation in the Marches Transport Festival, held in conjuction with the Ludlow Spring Food Festival inside Ludlow Castle was a great sucess with the Saint Car coming away on Sunday afrernoon with Best Car in Class award.

For those not aware of the show, this was its 30th year and the Castle forms an excellent backdrop for the event which includes a road run on the Sunday morning. Worth a thought for a Club display next year?

Interestingly I met some officals from the Volvo Enthusiasts Club of New Zealand who had come to the event to see ST 1. Their daughter now lives in UK and we hope to catch up again before they reurn  home for them to take a spin in.

Plenty of interest Plenty of interest ST1ST1  a mixed line up & plenty to see a mixed line up & plenty to see