ST1 on 'For the Love of Cars' - Sunday 17th May Channel 4

The Saint Volvo P1800 71 DXC

Below link to Interview with Phil and Ant from TV's 'For the Love of Cars' which will feature my 'original' Roger Moore TV Saint Car 'ST 1' aka 71 DXC in the next episode to be shown Sunday (17th)  Evening on C4

Johnny Goodman
I had a lovely day last September in the company of Johnny, filming him for a TV programe with my Saint Car 71 DXC aka ST 1, which he picked up new for first day of filming of The Saint. The day was spent in and around Elstree Studios - A lovely man who I had communicated with for some time and was pleased to finally meet him and discuss his memories of 71 DXC.

I wish I had had more time to talk to him, a lovely man who will be greatly missed.

Philip Glenister & ST1Philip Glenister & ST1 22 33 At Elstree StudiosAt Elstree Studios Philip Glenister & Johnny GoodmanPhilip Glenister & Johnny Goodman A great Gentleman - Johnny GoodmanA great Gentleman - Johnny Goodman Johnny Goodman with 71 DXC at Elstree StudiosJohnny Goodman with 71 DXC at Elstree Studios