71DXC in 1962

The Saints' Famous Volvo P1800 '71 DXC'

The Saint Volvo P1800 71 DXC

The Original & Famous Roger Moore Saint Car 71 DXC aka ST 1

‘Return of the Saint’

It is 1962. The black and white silence of the half timbered village of Cookham is broken by the barking exhaust note of Simon Templar’s white Volvo. He tersely sounds the horn at an elderly pedestrian slow to clear the road before turning left across the bridge and into the car park of the Ferry Inn. He had planned a weekend of golf and catching up with blonde bombshell Adrienne. Instead, he unearths an unsavoury attempted murder by poisoning. This opening episode The Talented Husband ushered in ITC’s new drama The Saint.

Week by week Simon Templar would dispense justice to crooks, cads and bounders assisted by an attractive selection of female assistants. Throughout these adventures his one constant companion was his dependable Volvo sports car.


Click image to see various period publicity stills including Roger Moore with '77 & NUV'

Studi petrol pump?Studi petrol pump? Arriving at the Ferry InnArriving at the Ferry Inn At the Ferry Inn, Cookham.At the Ferry Inn, Cookham. At Elstree Studios 1962At Elstree Studios 1962 71 DXC and Roger Moore71 DXC and Roger Moore The SaintThe Saint The original Saint CarThe original Saint Car The Saint identityThe Saint identity 1962 logo1962 logo The SaintThe Saint ThemeTheme DVD CoverDVD Cover Publicity stillPublicity still NUV 647ENUV 647E NUV 647ENUV 647E Happy!Happy! Don't Move!Don't Move! later 1800Slater 1800S Pensive?Pensive? SuaveSuave OutlookOutlook The Saint and 77 GYLThe Saint and 77 GYL Understeer action?Understeer action?